Developing A Personal Strategic Plan: A Path To A Successful Future

Successful businesses use strategic plans to help them stay on track to increase their profits and impact. If successful businesses are creating strategic plans, why shouldn’t you use the same approach for your life and career? When you are able to plan, decide, and take action you will achieve your goals much faster and more effectively.

Personal strategic planning is a way of thinking and acting, meaning it can be learned, much like eating a bowl of soup. You could try to eat it with a fork, or you could eat it with a spoon- the spoon (personal strategic planning) will allow you to eat quicker and more effectively.

When creating your personal strategic plan, keep in mind that you are trying to gain the most return on your investment… on your life. Business equity is measured in terms of financial capital, whereas personal equity is measured by life accomplishments and overall contentment. Working alongside a FocalPoint coach, you can cover eight areas within your personal strategic plan:

  • Values: What are your values?
  • Vision: Five years from now, what would your perfect career look like?
  • Mission: Based on Values & Vision, how will you achieve them?
  • Purpose: What is your WHY?
  • Goals: What specific goals do you have for your ideal future?
  • Knowledge and Skills: Where will you need to excel to achieve your goals?
  • Habits: What habits will you need to develop to reach your goals?
  • Daily Activities: What activities will you need to engage to achieve your goals?

Having a personal strategic plan can help you in a variety of ways: it gives you a layout of your goals, what you must do to achieve them, and how your life should look once you reach those goals. By completing a strategic plan, you are committing to a successful future and taking the first steps to get there.

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